Sunday, June 4, 2017

How To Make Pizza

I know, I know! Another pizza?! I have to smile and say "yes!" because who doesn`t eat Pizza?! Leaning to make pizza at home can be fun and easy, and lets not forget cheaper and exactly the way you want it.
Pizza is fun to make and you can put whatever you like on a pizza, Tonights toppings are :
Bell peppers
Turkey sausage
Black olives
Now, let`s get started.
You`ll need two packages of pizza crust mix to begin.
Make the mix according to the directions on the package, usually you just add hot water, mix and coat with olive oil, cover and let rise.
While the pizza crust is rising lets cook some toppings for this pizza.
Today I am doing Turkey sausage but you can use any meat that you like or go meatless completely.
I cook the turkey sausage with the bell peppers and onions over medium high heat, stirring often as Turkey will not have much of any grease, the last couple of minutes I add the mushrooms and season with salt. Remove from heat and leave in skillet.
Next oil a baking sheet, I used a large 11 x 18, with olive oil or whatever kind of oil you prefer. Remove the dough ball from the bowl by turning it upside down over the oiled baking sheet, in the middle. Work the dough ball out to the ends and sides of the baking sheet. Put in the hot oven and cook till lightly brown.
While the crust is baking grate your 8 ounce block of cheese. You can buy cheese that is already shredded for around $3.00 for 8 ounces but I chose to do this myself for $1.50.
When the crust is lightly brown remove it from the oven and apply your Barilla red sauce, not to much or it will be a messy pizza. I use 8 ounces, that is 1/3 of the jar.
Next add your meat and toppings, sprinkle with garlic powder and Italian seasonings, add black olives.
Top with the block of grated cheese, cook till the cheese is melted and lightly browned.
Slice into cubes and serve hot.
Serving suggestions :
Make a small side salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.
Dip your pizza in Ranch salad dressing! Its so yummy.
Dinner was awesome tonight! Why not make your dinner awesome by making a home made pizza tonight?!
How much was the ingredients?
.52 each pack of pizza crust dough
. 25 each for the mushrooms and black olives
Bell pepper I grew.
Onion was around .30
Turkey sausage was around . 50 ( I used 1/3 of a package)
Cheese $1.50
Barilla sauce was around .17 ( used 1/3 of a jar)
So for around $3.75 you have pizza!

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  1. I don´t eat turkey but I can use chicken flakes for this pizza. Thanks for sharing your pizza recipe. Now I am getting hungry.